Seeking Perfection

I grew up with the goal of not failing. In fact, I was so afraid to fail that I wouldn’t want to play a card game unless I could somehow prepare or practice in advance. This type of thinking lead to terrible anxiety and ultimately to a career I didn’t enjoy.
A couple years ago, a good friend of mine was kind enough to tell me the truth about how saw me. He said he always saw me pursuing my goals indirectly. Instead of going straight to C, my ultimate goal, I would hedge my bets by going to A and B first hoping to arrive perfectly at C with no mistakes.
For example, I always wanted to open a drive in movie theater, but I had unhealthy thinking. Instead of pursuing a drive in directly, which was completely possible, in fear I told myself that perhaps I needed to get experience as a CPA / MBA so I could learn how to run a business first. I became a CPA, but I never started the drive in. My dream still remains a dream, a fun idea to someday pursue.
For me, I learned that the real risk is time, not failure, because the sooner you go for what you really want, the faster you experience the successes and failures that you need to truly move forward and discover whether a drive in truly is viable, for example.
Two questions:
What do you want? And are you honestly and directly going for it?
I hope you are.

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