Love Makes No Excuses

In the previous post, we covered the story of the Davidson’s and a defining moment in their lives.  If you have not already read it, you should read it first.  Brian and Chris had to make a decision about adopting 3 boys in 3 days.  Below is the continuation of the story and the beginning of another epic adventure.

3 boys 3 days

Brian and Chris had a big decision to make.  Brian described the moment they were asked to take the boys as a moment of shock and awe.  “Really?  Us?  When I spoke to Brian, he said that he had all the typical resistance and reasons to say no:

  • Too old
  • Not enough energy
  • Not enough money
  • Not enough time / retirement plans
  • Hates mini vans and never wanted to drive another mini van again!!!

The reasons were endless, but their biggest concern was whether they could pour into the boys the amount of love that was needed to help them heal the wounds in their lives.  Keep in mind, these reasons are all very valid.

This brings us to a second aspect of defining moments:

Defining moment decisions are not purely logical.  The “you” that is separate from your brain / conscious thought, knows what must be done.  The trick is getting your brain on board to do it. 

This is something that trips people up a lot.  The reason is that we forget that we are not our brains.  We are not our logic.  If we were, people’s decisions would be much more logical. People wouldn’t risk life and limb climbing mountains.  People wouldn’t paint.  We do these things, because they connect with our soul at a deep level.

Brian and Chris prayed deeply for wisdom to make the right decision.   After a time of deep prayer and soul searching, Chris looked at Brian and said:  “These are our boys.”

At that moment, they both knew.  Brian boiled it down to this:  “Loving God is loving others.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  We’ll figure it out.”  This is the worldview that they have built their lives on, and it is a powerful worldview.

On 11/4/2012, Joshua, Caleb, and Gideon officially became Davidsons.



Brian said that the boys are really the heroes.  They are the ones who are Pretty Good At Life.

The story doesn’t end there.  Amazing and generous people came into their lives to support them, but that is for another post (read here).  Until then, enjoy these pics and learn a few lessons on building family pride:

Davidon's 1
Gideon and Caleb


Davidson's 2
Davidson's 4

Davidson's 3


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