The Davidson Family


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Many of you have read the articles about the Davidson family’s heart touching story of adoption of three boys from Ghana.  If you haven’t, you should at a later time.  Brian, the father, is heavily involved in the world of athletics, a world that can be hyper competitive and out of control.  He recently wrote an email to parents whose children were involved in sports to remind them of a very important lesson.   Ironically, adults need to here this more than children.

Who your children become is more important than what they achieve.



Believing this in today’s society is living life upside down. Brian Davidson shared the following about his son:


Little Gideon isn’t so little even though he is only 6 years old and 4ft nothing. Not only does he carry a big stick when he walks up to the plate, he carry’s a big heart as well.

This young boy has been threw so much in his short lifetime. His Dad passed away and his mom could no longer care for  him. In his best interest, he was placed in a loving orphanage in Ghana, his native country. After 9 months in the orphanage a family from the US adopted him. A dream come true, but 2 1/2 years later this family no longer could take care of him and put him back up for adoption. A nightmare for any young boy.

At age 5, Gideon found his forever family. A place where he would be loved for the rest of his life. He is a wonderful young man with a wide open personality. He is so much fun, has plenty of energy and absolutely loves to play sports.

Even though he is quite the little soccer player he decided he wanted to give the all american game of baseball a go. He has done amazingly well. He is so fast that if he puts his bat on the ball he more than likely will beat out the throw. If he really connects on the machine pitched ball and it goes to the outfield, “look out” because he has lighting speed. His first time up he hit a triple that was probably a home run but he got confused running the bases and stopped at first and second along the way. Last game he came up with the game tied in the last inning, with two outs and the bases loaded and he delivered  a game winning grand slam. It was fun to witness the team’s excitement for their first win of the season.

However, our favorite memory of Gideon this season hasn’t been watching him get a big clutch hit or make a nice play in the field. It’s when one of his teammates was sitting discouraged on the bench because he made another out -zero hits for the season- and Gideon sitting next to him just leans over and put his arm around the dejected teammate. No words were spoken.

Who Gideon is becoming while playing baseball is more important than what he achieves. I love this little guy with a big stick and an even bigger heart. I love his compassionate and kind spirit.



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