Danae Diller’s Top 10 List Of Why “Pa Dukes” Is PGAL

Pa Dukes - 2The following was submitted by Danae Diller (who happens to also be PGAL herself) to celebrate the top 10 reasons her dad is PGAL this Father’s Day:

My dad is pretty AMAZING at life.  It was easy to come up with reasons why.  The hard part was limiting it to 10, but hopefully this captures his awesomeness.

Top 10 reasons my dad is PGAL:

  1. Road across the country on his bike with my mom.
  2. Has been married for over 40 years.
  3. Taught me how to work hard even when no one was looking.
  4. Was and is an amazing example of the balance between humility and confidence.
  5. Strong faith.  He allowed me to ask questions and had family devotion time around the dinner table.
  6. Amazing devotion to his loved ones.
  7. Taught me how to be happy with what you have.
  8.  He laughs so hard that he starts coughing and turns red…kind of like I do!  This happens ALL the time.  It’s awesome.
  9. Affectionate.
  10. He had a quadruple bipass surgery and can still take on most young people in a wrestling match.

Boom, there you have it.  I know “Pa Dukes” and can personally attest to all of these things.  Totally PGAL no doubt about that.

Here is a pic of Danae with her mom and dad (Danae and her mom are wearing their PGAL shirts).





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