Dara Burke’s Top 10 Reason’s Her Dad Was PGAL

1/30/1948 – 10/7/2002

The following was submitted by Dara Burke this Father’s Day to celebrate the top 10 reasons her pops (Ronald, aka Stone) was PGAL:

1.)  Wasn’t happy unless other’s were happy.

2.)  Super selfless and fun loving.

3.)  Simple.  Could have ruled the world, but didn’t need a lot to be happy.

4.)  Great cook.  He made orange marmalade crepes every Sunday.

5.)  Smartest guy I knew.  Did all the coursework for a friend getting a PhD.

6.)  Rocked a dashiki with a friend of his, pretended to be an African prince, and made up their own language.

7.)  Not afraid to crash a party.  He would take back roads driving and stop at whatever party he saw.

8.)  Great athlete, short tennis shorts and all.

9.)  So generous.  Made little money, but tithed and gave offering religiously.

10.)  Loyal.






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