PGAL behind the scenes

Behind the scenesGood just doesn’t sell as well as bad.  It is just a tough reality of life, even for PGAL.  Question – if it’s easier to sell fries than carrots to kids, but carrots are better for you, how do you get kids to love carrots?That question also applies to PGAL.

Fries vs carrots

As a kid, my parents cooked carrots from a frozen bag.  A little butter, very slight salt, and I sat there till I had eaten them.  It was torture.  Sorry mom and dad, I love you, but it was.  Turns out, you can indeed make carrots taste great, but you have to out innovate.

PGAL is a big bet.  I think the overall drive of humankind is purpose, but it is often masked by inferior drives that some marketers exploit (low self-esteem, sense of belonging, misplaced self-worth, etc).  Marketing PGAL will require harder work and more innovative thinking.  It requires fresher carrots, better spices, and creative cooking techniques.

That’s the challenge for PGAL.  It will be harder, but it will be worth it.

I’d like to share with you what we have accomplished together up to this point and where we are heading.   PGAL Phase 1 is nearly complete.

PGAL Phase 1 – If you build it, will they come?   I hope

The purpose of Phase 1 was to answer this question – will anyone even give a care?  This is the toughest phase, because if you care about something long enough and then let it loose into the world, the risk is heart breaking rejection.  Fortunately, the answer is yes.  People, I believe, innately sense the possibilities something like this can create.  A movement to create a laser like focus on real change at a cultural level.   Phase 1 is nearly in the books (building the platform, learning, and building a fledgling community), but onto Phase 2…

PGAL Phase 2 – Ramping up

Phase 2 is the ramp up stage.  It involves:

  • Recruiting writers
  • Recruiting volunteers for design, social media, events, etc.
  • Adding original video
  • More exciting interviews
  • Kickstarter campaign to raise funding
  • Fun PGAL competitions
  • Ebooks
  • Events

The goal is to catalyze cultural change.  It’s going to get interesting, so stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “PGAL behind the scenes

  1. Lynn Lamousin

    I like fries and carrots. You’ve done good work over the last few months. Keep going and see what happens. Wish I was in Atlanta for a chat because I have some things I can share about my own experiences. Or hop on a plane and come to NYC this weekend. Ha!


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