Unsung hero Gino – a powerful story of redemption

I recently recorded an interview with a great man as part of the Unsung Heroes Project.  His name is Gino and his is a story of redemption, faith, courage, community, and unconditional love.   You see, Gino lived on the streets for 10 years battling addiction, and because of his personal faith, community, family and friends, he is building a new life for himself.   Gino was gracious enough to sit down with me and share openly about his life.

An in-depth interview with Gino

I first met Gino working as part of the Lazarus Project, a homeless ministry in Atlanta (which you will hear referenced in this interview along with Allison McGill, the founder).  A mutual friend of ours, Dan Tanner, got the ball rolling when he said I needed to interview Gino, that he was PGAL material.

Gino’s story is incredibly inspiring and the time I spent with him was very meaningful.  I deeply appreciate Gino’s openness and his vulnerability.  A key lesson I learned from Gino is the importance of unconditional love, because as Gino told me, it was the unconditional love of a community of family and friends that gave him the strength to move forward.

Best PGAL definition yet

Gino also provided the best and most succinct definition of what it means to be pretty good at life I have heard so far.  To the play the cards you are given in life to the best of your ability.   What else can you do in life?

The interview is available below in its entirety via a podcast and in four parts via Youtube.

Gino part one – introduction


Gino part two – growing up and tough times


Gino part three – a difficult transition and hope


Gino part four – A unique perspective



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