Emotions, Intellect, and Divine Knowledge

divine knowledge and choice A question everyone on the planet must grapple with is this: When it comes to decisions, particularly big decisions, how can we ever know we’ve chosen correctly? I know it’s been a while since PGAL has given you any new content, but if you remember the last post, I wrote about decisions. In it, I wrote that logic alone is insufficient to get us through life, yet our other tool-set, our emotions, are always sabotaging us. As if that were not bad enough, our society presents us with nearly limitless options for any decision we may be facing.


I’m sure you have known someone who has gotten married, or quit their job, or made a decision that will forever alter their life.  What do they often say?  “I just knew.” I never quite understood how people could “just know”, or could throw themselves into a major change. Truthfully, I was always secretly jealous of them.


When I was started PGAL, I was undergoing a huge battle in my mind. I had never really done much in life unless it made logical sense, and every single ounce of my self-worth was wrapped up in measurable success. Despite the fact that PGAL wasn’t providing me the success or stability I had typically used to measure myself by, I felt compelled to continue working on it. It felt like I was on a ledge, being asked to move forward. How would I know that following something deep in me would lead to a spiritual awakening that helped me understand my relationship to God? How would I know that I would struggle, but find my way into a writing / marketing career?  Even though the thoughts were in my mind, it wasn’t a knowledge of the mind.

Quote PGAL2



The purpose of life is the journey of your soul and the journey of your soul leads to God and God is love.  This love will eventually manifest through you, and is intensely unique to you. It’s YOUR journey. Understand this, and you will cease to feel so much pressure to measure yourself by the world’s metrics. This way, the love, joy, peace and happiness you long for will be made available to you.


I once heard that what we want deep down is to feel alive. Most fail to realize it is their own soul begging for this and money can’t buy it and power can’t control it. To move forward outside of intellect and emotions is terrifying, like all great adventures are.  Yet it is exactly what we crave. This is by design. That craving is your soul pushing you to take chances. The connection between your soul and mind is tenuous, and only clarified when we walk by faith.



To be clear, what I am saying is that you have access to a divine knowledge that supersedes logic and emotions. It is a big wonderful mysterious gift. It is un-provable and un-communicable.  Science can’t explain it, because science is just a part of it. Personally, I would call this the Holy Spirit. Knowing this, we can stop trying to reconcile the universe, give up understanding the paradoxes of life, and end our attempts to predict outcomes. Everyone is familiar with the Ying and Yang symbol. What I have come to conclude is that the divine knowledge available to all will take you right up the middle. It will unfold a path before you that you would have never discovered on your own. A perfect path.

What is in the birds to help them fly south for the winter is also available to you, but infinitely more so. Believe it and trust yourself.  It’s a beautiful mystery and our only resting place.