The Practicality of Positivity


happy dogI have been thinking a lot lately about being positive, and it surprises me. In the past, I valued realism, which inevitably drifted towards negativity. I disdained all this “think positive” bull crap everyone was talking about. My internal monologue went something like, “Whatever gets you through the day and helps you sleep at night. Sorry you can’t face reality sucka.”

A recent story…

Recently, I had a perfect example of negative vs. positive thinking. I am a freelance writer and marketing consultant and one of my clients is a partnership made up of two individuals with a classic good cop, bad cop dynamic.

I usually only interact with the good cop. However, the bad cop scheduled a phone call with me to discuss my recent marketing work, which didn’t exactly exceed expectations. Anxious, I assumed I was about to get “busted.” I worried for two days about the call.

Do you want to know how the call went?


He merely wanted me to send some follow up emails. At first I was relieved and then I was annoyed, because I wasted time and energy for TWO DAYS worrying about something I didn’t need to worry about.
A good friend mine recently said:

Anxiety is a down payment on something that may never happen.

Practical Positivity

Eventually, I realized it’s not just feel good mumbo jumbo. There is a real advantage to being positive even when negative things are happening.

What’s the big payoff?

  • Positivity pays off in relationships. Did you know that when you believe friends and family want the best for you and asking instead of assuming, your relationships improve?
  • Positivity pays off in work. No one wants to work with a negative person. A positive person will always have more opportunities than a negative person.
  • Positivity pays off financially. Negative people sell at the bottom of the stock market and positive people buy. That’s just one example.

In every area of your life, the odds of success improve by being positive. Being positive is like being the Casino in Vegas. You don’t win every hand, but overtime, the odds are always in your favor. Negativity will bankrupt you, because the house always wins.

The battle in our minds

It’s such a battle to not be negative, because it is so much easier. It’s such a battle to not immediately allow our minds to classify something as known when we can’t possibly know without asking or waiting to see. It’s such a battle to withhold judgement and give someone the benefit of the doubt. It’s such a battle to not assume.

However, we must stay positive or risk missing out on all that life has to offer. In my next post, I’ll cover ways that I’ve been able to think more positively, because if you are like me, it is not easy and you need more than wishful thinking.



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