Flying South

Birds never forget to fly south for the winter. A great miracle—if you take a moment to consider it. Today, instinct is still a giant mystery.

Earthflight: North America

A couple months ago, my father sent me a picture of two birds on a telephone wire outside the window of the home I grew up in located in Rochester, New York.


He said that these two birds come back every year, year after year. Every spring he looks to see if they will make it back. He is happy when they do. I wonder how they are able to make it back to this spot on a wire. Little birds, how do they know?


Human beings have a form of instinct called intuition. Intuition is difficult to define. We don’t have to migrate anywhere, but if we choose to listen to our intuition and live from the heart, we would in a sense be migrating.

Consider this. If birds didn’t fly south, they would die from a cold winter. Unlike birds, humans don’t have to obey. The question is: as humans, if we don’t fly south, are there consequences? I believe the answer to this question is yes, there are consequences as the story below indicates.


dumpster baby calgaryIn October of 2014, a man living in Calgary rescued a baby left to die in the dumpster. According to the man, he went to work that day,

“but I had a bad feeling, that I had to go home”

He followed this feeling and returned back to his condo for lunch. A passerby alerted him to the situation and a neighbor helped him tear open the garbage bag to free the infant, who was suffering from hypothermia.

After saving the baby, he was stunned to learn that the baby was his. His girlfriend showed no signs of pregnancy due to being overweight.

When asked about the mother, he replied,

“I’m not happy with her but I’m not angry, either — I want to make sure she gets the help she needs.”

You can read the whole story here:


There is no proving this story was a coincidence. There is no proving it was a not coincidence. All we know is that this guy had a strong intuition and a baby was saved. Many would say that this is a miracle. Think about the fact that this intuition came to him, not from him. Where did it come from?

Truthfully, I can’t say for certain. I believe that I know, but I can’t say that I know absolutely. No one can. I grew up in the Christian tradition and to me this sounds like the Holy Spirit. I do not believe you have to be a Christian to experience this, because I do not think God is a Christian.


The idea of intuition, living through the heart, the Holy Spirit, muses, spirits, are very old concepts. They have been told and retold in countless myths all over the world. They are often deemed irrelevant in today’s western society. We have logic, we have reason, we have science. Good I say, I am glad I can type on this computer, but those with open eyes and open hearts know this to be true:

At the edge of science, at the limits of logic and reasoning, we find spirituality and mysteries so deep and unfathomable our only proper response is awe and wonder. 

We experience awe by looking outside of ourselves.



And we experience awe by looking into ourselves.
up close of an eye


This awe and wonder leads to love. It leads to life. We realize we are connected. We realize that we are not lost, we are just afraid.


When we fail to live from the heart, when we fail to fly south, the result is disastrous whether we know it or not. Winter befalls our hearts and souls. Our minds and egos trap us, even as we are called to awaken to knowledge beyond our intellect. Like the father in the above story, we have the choice to say to ourselves, “No, I have to much work to do, I’ll eat lunch at my desk,” or, “I’ll head home even though I don’t know why.”

The greatest sin is not living through the heart which is the same as living outside of the spirit. I propose this question for all my Christian readers. Would it have been worse for that father to have “sinned” by hypothetically drinking too much or to have not gone home that day? Romans 6:23 says “The wages of sin is death.” Was it not for this the father?

Do not get hung up on “Do’s” and “Don’ts.” One man’s “sin” is not another’s.

I have a good friend who struggles with addiction to cigarettes. He cares deeply for people and in his work as a contractor meets many people who are struggling and broken hearted. During one of his jobs, there was a woman struggling with depression and loneliness. During that job, he felt an overwhelming sense that he was meant to take cigarette breaks on the back porch with this woman and listen to her, and to keep her company. Smoking is not good for your health, but was this a sin? Certainly not. We will never know how this small act of kindness helped this woman. We aren’t meant to, we are meant to listen and obey.

There is only living in the spirit, and the spirit will always move you towards perfect love.

If we don’t fly south, every good and wonderful thing is corrupted. When we do, even something unhealthy like smoking can lead to life.


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