The Kingdom

After writing my last post, and for the past few days, it occurred to me that the overarching question for my future is what am I going to do for the kingdom of God? I believe there is a Kingdom, a different a reality that hides openly in this world, waiting for eyes to see it and bring it to fruition.

Having experienced God’s grace, Jung’s words weigh on my heart—”From that moment on, when I experienced grace, my true responsibility began.”

An encounter with grace precipitates a transformation of consciousness and heart and demands a response. For it is in us to, having once received a priceless gift we didn’t deserve, to reciprocate that gift but being unable to give God a gift since He is everything, we must give it to others on His behalf.

When it comes to growing the Kingdom of God, I have two questions I need to answer:

  1. How can I most effectively make an impact given my unique gifts and personality
  2. Do I have the courage and faith it takes?

Where we desire certainty, God desires courage in us to live out the pressings of the Holy Spirit.




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