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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Paige

    Hi! I noticed you had the Quick Weight Loss Center Stabilization Plans Weeks 1-6! Do you have any more? Also, do you have the Maintenance Plans that you could send to me??
    Thanks SO much!


  2. Sarah Robert

    Hi Kyle,

    My name is Sarah,I’m french and I’m just discovering your blog.Funny!
    I’ve spent this morning to write the project of an AirBnB Host & Guest guide.
    At the moment I was quite at the end of my advices’s list,I asked my self this question: Has it been already done by someone else? And it’s what brought me to you…
    Now,why this idea? Because I’m an “AirBnB living by” people.It’s my way of life since more than 18 monthes.At the very begining,I left France with a simple back bag.I wanted to experiment what could be the true freedom. No more home,no more car or any kind of personal belong. No more mailbox,no more bills. Be as light as a bird.You know this wonderfull Beres Hamond’s song: “Fly like an angel”? it could be my personal hymn. My “Marseillaise” 😉 My first destination was Costa Rica. I’ve spent a good part of last year there only moving every 3 monthes,to Panama,neighbourghood countries and USA.In last December I’ve decided to come back in Europe for one year perhaps.But my way of life is always the same.Paris,the south cities (to see again my children,my friends),Last week in Geneva,today back to Nice (for the blue sky and the sweetness of the weather). I’ll probaby move to Roma in a few weeks and I plan to spend the spring in some greek island.But to come back to “our subject”, this AirBnB user guide,I totally share all your comments and advises. Believe me, I’ve a lot to say…I don’t remember any really bad experience.Maybe because I know rather good how to use the site…Is it for the same reason that I never have had any bad comments on my profile? Maybe. This experience gives me a lot of ideas starting with this guide.I really think that it could be very usefull for both,guests and travellers and I don’t understand why the corporation does’nt seem to have published it until now. I’ve heard of it but unfindable. I think that this way of living could become very common in the future.As for me,the times to come are made of mobility. The world becomes more and more wide and close in the same time. Our devices (tablets,smartphone,…) are already made for this. The job’s market,the economical context,all will ask people to adapt themselves to a new way of life.More moovable,more flexible.I could say that with this intuition,I’m a kind of pioneer :)…Then here’re some of the thoughts that I wanted to share with you,Kyle. I’ll end this very long post,by telling you that I’m a designer (homes,restaurants,furnitures,clothes,decoration items,…) during the day and writer (Contemporary Art,Culture,Political sociology,between some other subjects of skills and interests),during the night and week ends.Please forgive my bad american,I never have find time enough to learn seriously the english grammary.I’ve to manage with the 5 different languages that I need to practice in my daily life….It should ask me at less 2 other lifes to perfect that all. Kind regards Sarah


    1. Thank you for the message! Sounds like you are living an amazingly exciting life, and I am glad to hear it! I actually studied French in college, and really loved it. I am envious of your ability to travel in Europe. You can be so many places so quickly! Keep in touch.


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