What Do You Want and is it Good?

Image vs emotionThis is a true story about a man named Elliot.  Elliot was a brilliant high powered executive with influence, wealth, and status. He had a beautiful family, and options in life. He had achieved the “American Dream.”

Tragically, Elliot found out he had a small tumor on his cortex near his brain’s frontal lobe, requiring him to undergo surgery. After the surgery, everything seemed fine. Slowly though, it became obvious that something was very different about Elliot. Continue reading “What Do You Want and is it Good?”


The Top 10 Tools for Airbnb Hosts

airbnb-logo-vectorWith over half a million listings worldwide in 192 countries, vacation rental service Airbnb has skyrocketed to popularity since its inception in 2008. Because of its large scale of incoming and diverse users, it’s important to make sure that the necessary tools are put in place to offer security and convenience for both the guest and host. Here’s a list of the top 10 tools that every Airbnb host should have: Continue reading “The Top 10 Tools for Airbnb Hosts”

The Ultimate Airbnb Guide For New Hosts

airbnb-logo-vectorIf you are new to hosting and want to host with excellence, this guide was developed for you.  So many folks ask me about getting started hosting that I decided to put together a guide for hosting with excellence.

NOTE:  This is geared towards hosts who are renting out there ENTIRE place.  However, it is also useful for those who are just renting a room.  Also, since this is thorough, it is long and you may want to print it out (see “print” button above).

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10 tools to help you come to terms with ADD as an adult

adhd-distracted-manChances are if you are reading this, life has been a struggle for you, or someone you know, because of ADD.  There are no easy answers to all of this.

My goal for this article is to share with you 10 tools that have helped me achieve peace emotionally.  There is an abundance of practical advice on coping with ADD, but I don’t want to talk about the practicalities of living the ADD life.

No.  I want to talk about the tools to help on an emotional level for moving forward into a life characterized by wholeness and flourishing. Continue reading “10 tools to help you come to terms with ADD as an adult”

Urban homesteading classes in Atlanta

urban homesteadDeep down, everyone wants to feel free.  Particularly Americans.  After all, that happens to be the main point of America.

There is one peculiar issue with this however.  Namely, you hear an awful lot about freedom these days in America, but only because no one seems to FEEL FREE.  Do you know many people who truly feel free?  No, most people feel trapped.

Here is a question for you:  

What’s the difference whether you are under the thumb of government or giant corporations?

Today it seems, we are beholden to both.  As Americans, we have so sold out to the religion of big business that we have forgotten that there are many ways to lose our freedom.  Corporations can take it, addiction can take, religion can take it, and yes, businesses can take it.  Let me ask you a few questions:

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What if we stopped labeling people as smart or dumb?

i so smartDo you ever feel like this dog?  Maybe you want the treat that life seems to have for you, but you don’t feel smart enough. Or worthy enough?  So, you put on some glasses.  Someone love me already!  Someone approve of me!

Consider this permission to never feel like that again.

Here is the thing… Continue reading “What if we stopped labeling people as smart or dumb?”

Airbnb and dreams of grandeur

gold rush In my first Airbnb article, I talked about the nerves you will likely experience when you leave your home in the hands of a stranger for the first time.   The reality is that if you choose a great guest, everything will be honky dory and you’ll love the extra money.

When I was paid that $600, I just stared at the bank deposit. Cha-ching!  I was so pumped that it worked.

Isn’t it strange how fast we can go from fear to elation?   I experienced a mini mental gold rush that went like this.

“I am going to camp every weekend and rent my place out.  I could make an extra 15k per year living in a tent.  I love camping.  Let’s do this!”  Continue reading “Airbnb and dreams of grandeur”