Give And It Will Be Given To You

This is the last part (3 of 3) of Brian and Christine Davidson’s story.  It is the story of daily life,  the part that requires perseverance and community.

 davidson family


When the Davidson’s stepped out in faith and gave selflessly, a remarkable thing happened.  People came out of the woodwork to help them, to help the kids.

Here are some examples:

  • 30-40 people gave them a shower, and provided needed gifts for the kids.
  • A family paid for the boys to go to a private school where they could receive the attention they needed.
  • Athletic scholarships were given.
  • Anonymous people gave money and weekly lunches of Chick Fil-A.
  • Bags of clothing were donated.
  • Restaurant gift cards were given.

Why do people consistently rally around people who step out and give selflessly in faith?  The answer is simple.  This world is designed to be that way. That’s a fact.  Just take a look at how people respond in tragedies. People are designed to thrive in community and helping others.

Give and it will be given to you, but only if you aren’t giving to get. 

Often times, people think in one to one terms.  “I gave $50 dollars, and I hope to get $50 plus back.”  “Here’s my old Chevy, where’s my Porsche?”   But what if you looked at it this way?  For example, say someone gave $300 dollars and their time to someone in need and built healthy relationships.  If that person loses their job, he or she, is much more likely to get another, because of these relationships.  Suddenly, that $300 dollars looks like a really great investment with way better returns than the stock market.

Bank On It

Think of the universe as a big bank.  Every time you give, you make a deposit and you are stepping out in faith that the universe is going to surprise you with more interest and in more ways than you could ever imagine. That’s an adventure.  Adventure is what we all want, but are too afraid to get.  Living inward and focusing on what you get is like a high interest rate credit card.  The hidden fees start adding up in poor relationships, and in ways you never saw coming.  Before long, you are declaring life bankruptcy.


Don’t Balance The Checkbook

The not giving to get part is the tricky part.  Only you know if you are being a capitalistic giver.  Only you know if you are keeping score.  Never keep score. 


We are not just talking about physical things (interest), we are talking about the emotional, spiritual, and mental gifts that we receive when we give selflessly with no strings attached.  Suddenly life starts clicking.  Real relationships are formed.  Purpose is created.


All of this requires faith. It is scary.  The Davidson’s believe God called them to live this way, and designed the world to function this way, and is interceding on our behalf to grow us as human beings.  Brian and Chris truly believe this.

Here is the beautiful thing though, regardless of your belief system, you can see this everywhere.  From people who respond to tragedies, to people who are insanely generous, to those whose passions drive them to a selflessness that doesn’t even make sense…It’s awesome, it’s inspiring, and it’s liberating.  It allows us to live outward and not inward.

The Grind

Is it all rosy?  No, there are real struggles.  Brian says that is difficult raising three young boys.  It’s back to spaghetti and meatballs Monday evening, franks and beans Saturday night. Emmm, franks and beans.


 Brian says that money is always tight.  Boys are boys.  They have a lot of needs.  There are day-to-day struggles that inevitably sets in.  The important thing to know is that struggles are unavoidable.  There is no single path that eliminates the struggles we all face, but we must have faith that the blessings we receive by living outward rather than inward are worth it.

What Will You Do? 

How do you feel called to live outward?  Adopting three boys is not for everyone.  Brian and Chris had a unique position of living in Africa and running youth sports programs.  Brian readily acknowledges that most people should not do what they did, but hopes his story inspires people to ask what they can do to give away their life skills and experiences. There is always a way to step up.

What is your way? 







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