A Father’s Day Tribute To My Dad

As we get older, the importance of fathers becomes more and more obvious.  There is just no getting around it.  The sacrifice it takes to be a great dad is huge.

PGAL is about living life upside down, and my dad has lived his life like that.

fathers day 2
-A Bowman classic

How was he PGAL?  He never had a mortgage, money never impressed him, he walked his talk, he walked / biked to work when he was younger, he didn’t believe in debt, he disapproved of fads, he never missed our soccer games, for over 30 years of marriage to my mom he always got up early made my mom coffee and and turned her car on for her in the winter to warm it up, he was into DIY before it was trendy, he always stuck up for the least, his only purchase criteria was quality, he always bought local when he could (mainly at ACE hardware), he was an original urban farmer (all we ate in the
summer was from the garden), and I could go on.

That’s all PGAL, through and through, there is no denying it.

With over 35 years in prison ministry, helping the homeless, and assisting the elderly in the community, his actions speak for themselves.  It’s hard for me to imagine living a life as dedicated to serving others as that.  It’s humbling.

But with a name like Harley, how could you not be PGAL?  Touche Harley.  Touche.

Writing this makes me even prouder to be a Bowman.   So for father’s day, here is a list of things I learned from you dad.

  1. Maturity is a choice (for those of you who know the Bowman family, you know how greatly it pains me to list this as #1).
  2. Life is not about what you have, it’s what you give.
  3. Character and integrity are everything.  It’s about what you do when no one is looking.
  4. There is no short cut to avoiding hard work.
  5. Simple things in life matter the most.
  6. Personal sustainability – no mortgage, no debt.
  7. Never stop learning and always read your handyman magazines.
  8. Commitment.
  9. Live a life of service.
  10. Find meaning in your hardships by using your experience to help others.

Last but not least, classic never goes out of style and if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.  Some SOLID advice right there.  Free of charge.

Happy Father’s Day Dad and to all the other great dad’s out there.  On this father’s day, I encourage you to be specific, and let you father know exactly why you are thankful for his sacrifices on your behalf.





3 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Tribute To My Dad

  1. Kathy Roeters

    LOVE IT!!!! No that is PGAL! Best part is about not being handsome but handy!!!!! Harley is a good man! Nicely done Kyle!!!


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