East Lake Commons Cohousing – a culture of sustainability and community


Our modern society requires living with intention more than ever.  We have to intentionally remember to exercise and intentionally remember to eat healthily or we gain weight.  First world problems right?   We live intentionally in many areas of life, but modern society often forgets about community.

This is why East lake Commons, a cohousing community that I recently visited, is so special, because it is much more difficult to intentionally build community.    

East Lake Commons – a microcosm of American ideals

East Lake Commons is a cohousing community centered on community, sustainability, and diversity.  The diversity was astounding.  How are a bunch of different faiths, races, agnostics, atheists, gays, straights, young folk, old folk, singles, married people, vegetarians and omnivores able to get along together in a sustainable community that emphasizes affordability for the working class? And in the urban environment of Atlanta?   To me, it is the embodiment of the ideals of America.  I loved it.

In order to keep this short enough (no one reads long posts), I will write another post about my trip in detail.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and can’t wait to share more about it.  Until then, enjoy these pics and consider them a sneak preview.



2 thoughts on “East Lake Commons Cohousing – a culture of sustainability and community

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